Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Who has a way for me to upload tapes?

Part of the Problem - Asshole Studios Sessions

Straight from Mark of Part of the Problem...

"Here are some never before heard POTP tracks! Recorded after the 7", these 9 songs were recorded because someone just offered to do it for beer, so we did! But never released."

1. Paranoid Fantasy
2. Dancing On The Edge Of A Knife
3. Leaving Home
4. Dead Teenagers
5. Bad Day
6. Last Place Winner
7. Paper Lives
8. All Mixed Up
9. Blown To Smithereens

For fans of Showcase Showdown, Screeching Weasel, Night Birds

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Underground Conspiracy/The Scarred - Split

The Underground Conspiracy/The Scarred - Split
1999 Scum Records

UC Side
Their System

Scarred Side
Judge Me
Burried Alive
Our War

This was a classic split of two bands who played a lot of the shows that were happening in the late nineties. I remember my first band played with The Scarred inside Funtastik on Jubilee Day in Mechanicsburg one year. The Underground Conspiracy, I believe was Mr. Matt "MC" Hyser's first band. Hence his nickname of Matt Conspiracy. For fans of fast nineties punk.

N.O.L.O. Records Presents… 4 More Reasons To Hate York

N.O.L.O. Records Presents… 4 More Reasons To Hate York

Side A
Fanboys - In The Backstage
Eden Park - Truck Number Nine

Side B
Blag XIII - Fashion Faction
Bullet - Agony

Oh No One Likes Our Records... Classic Yorkcore! Blag XIII definitely is the highlight of this comp. Does anyone have anything else of theirs recorded? Bullet sounds like System of A Down, I remember Decontrol playing with them at First Cap Skatepark and thinking that same thing.

Part of The Problem

Part Of The Problem - s/t

Side A
More To Life
Ritalin Generation
Rebel Youth

Side B
Radio Bitch
Blue Streaks

Part of The Problem were from Lancaster and were regulars at 12XU/Yiproc. I just remember them playing fast as hell and their guitar player having something like a 5 or 6 row studded guitar strap. That really describes them, right? For fans Armed Citizens and Sprocket!

The Statiks - Bombshell Baby

The Statiks - Bombshell Baby
1999 Last Year Records

Side A
Bombshell Baby

Side B
Lucky 13

The Statiks were from the Lancaster area and featured Jeff Berman (Divided Hevean, The Boils, Protagonist, The Rites) on guitar. I remember seeing them very vividly because Jeff always played a bright pink sparkly guitar. They have some R'n"R vibes with some catchy sing a long parts.

The Virus - Global Crisis & Pic Disc

The Virus - Global Crisis E.P.
1999 Charged Records

Side A
Bomb Drop
Pull My Strings

Side B
Celebrity Gossip
No War Can Be Won

The Virus - Picture Disc 7"
2001 Punkcore Records

Side A
The Time Is Now
Looks Life Trouble

Side B
Full Circle
There's Nothing Left

The Virus were a streetpunk band that claimed to be from Philadelphia, but a bunch of them lived in our area and they played here all the time. Global Crisis E.P. was their first record, some might say their best. The Picture Disc 7" came out right before their 2nd LP and was the first time we saw Paul switch from bass to vocals. For fans of The Unseen, The Casualties.

Download - http://www.sendspace.com/file/9r7hd5

The Hellcats/Makeshift - Split 7"

The Hellcats/Makeshift - split 7"
1997 Imperfekt Records

The Hellcats Side
Hellcat Stomp

Makeshift Side
Track 1
Track 2
La Bamaba

The Hellcats were a band from Red Lion, PA. They became a little more "rockabilly" as time went on and I remember seeing them with a stand up bass at one point. Makeshift were from San Diego and I don't really know much about them. I read that Imperfekt Records later joined forces with Insubordination Records if that gives you any idea what this sounds like.

The MFC - Two 7 Inches

The MFC - We Are the Drunken Masters

Side A
Young Rebels of Today
Slow Down

Side B
The York Enquirer

The MFC - s/t
1998 Black Hole Records

Side A
One Day

Side B
I Need A Purpose

The MFC also from York. I believe I saw them a few times at Liberty Fire Hall. Peusdo oi vibes at times, with some more poppy songs as well. For fans of The Business, 86 Mentality.

Download - http://www.sendspace.com/file/oj99i5

Eden Park - 4 Hour Frenz 7"

Eden Park - 4 Hour Frenz
1998 NOLO Records

Side A
Average Joe
Principle G

Side B

Eden Park from York, one of the most unique bands of all time. Just saw Cal the other day for the first time in years! They were around for ever so I'm sure you probably saw them somewhere. For fans of Dead Kennedys!

Monday, December 10, 2012

A bunch of stuff has been re-uploaded!

Schoolyard Bully - Demo and Heart Break Curse EP

Decontrol - If The Price Is Right

Decontrol - Left For Dead

x24th Solutionx - s/t 7"

The Alliance - s/t 7"

Armed Citizens - Citizens On The March 7"

Sprocket - Hide The Bodies 7"

Caramel Sun/Slacker - split 7"

Feeble - s/t 7"

Something Rotten In Red Lion - Compilation 7" w/ Armed Citizens, Hellcats, The Scam, Squire

Those Who Remain - xDEMOx, songs from the split 7" with On Course, and one unreleased song
http://d01.megashares.com/dl/MPW6QDI/Those Who Remain.zip

TMI Generation - s/t

Death By Nostalgia - Random demos, and side of split 7" with Boxing Water

Rightstart - demos?

Chris Bavaria By Himself - The Middletown Demos, Champ Demos

Courtesy of Steve SWG...

3:6 - Hey! Look at Stupidhead

Lost Cause - "all 3 of their demo tapes, their self-titled 7" record, and even a few songs from the 7" record recording session that were unreleased."

Resurgents - s/t 7"

Resurgents - "zip file contains 20 songs from their 4 way split CD, a few compilations, and some unreleased stuff that the vocalist Brett gave me on a Digital Audio Tape in 1997."