Monday, December 10, 2012

A bunch of stuff has been re-uploaded!

Schoolyard Bully - Demo and Heart Break Curse EP

Decontrol - If The Price Is Right

Decontrol - Left For Dead

x24th Solutionx - s/t 7"

The Alliance - s/t 7"

Armed Citizens - Citizens On The March 7"

Sprocket - Hide The Bodies 7"

Caramel Sun/Slacker - split 7"

Feeble - s/t 7"

Something Rotten In Red Lion - Compilation 7" w/ Armed Citizens, Hellcats, The Scam, Squire

Those Who Remain - xDEMOx, songs from the split 7" with On Course, and one unreleased song Who

TMI Generation - s/t

Death By Nostalgia - Random demos, and side of split 7" with Boxing Water

Rightstart - demos?

Chris Bavaria By Himself - The Middletown Demos, Champ Demos

Courtesy of Steve SWG...

3:6 - Hey! Look at Stupidhead

Lost Cause - "all 3 of their demo tapes, their self-titled 7" record, and even a few songs from the 7" record recording session that were unreleased."

Resurgents - s/t 7"

Resurgents - "zip file contains 20 songs from their 4 way split CD, a few compilations, and some unreleased stuff that the vocalist Brett gave me on a Digital Audio Tape in 1997."

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