Sunday, March 14, 2010

Armed Citizens - Citizens On The March

Armed Citizens - Citizens On The March
Side A
Live Free X3
Side B
My Country 'Tis Of Thee
Hockey Fight

Armed Citizens were from York, PA and I think this record is tied with the Sprocket 7" for my favorite local band ever. Fast, punk, great lyrics about guns and hockey... what more can you ask for? DOWNLOAD THIS!

the Alliance

the Alliance - s/t
Side A
Something More
No Direction
Side B
No More Promises
Blind Ignorance

This is one of the classic seven inches from the area. Adam and Brad's hair in the photos is ridiculous! For fans of Social Distortion, Rancid, Screeching Weasel. Mechanicsburg Punk Rock.

Kill Your Idols/Fisticuffs split

Kill Your Idols/Fisticuffs - split
Kill Your Idols
Fashion Statement
Freedom (is not free)
Section XII
Verse VIII

Fisticuffs feature Jon from (Violent Society, Race To Die, Superbuick) and play fast as fuck thrash punk. Kill Your Idols from New York were one of the best hardcore bands ever, period. This is a killer record.


Feeble - s/t
Side A
No Sense
Side B
Hippie Song

Feeble were an awesome punk band from Stroudsburg, PA. This is pre-Wisdom In Chains and you can tell where they got their more "punk" sound from. Personally like this 7" a lot more than WIC.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Seven One Seven Comp

V/A - Seven One Seven Hardcore Comp...
Side A
Option - Perfect
Deckard - Uprooted
Side B
Outcome - Force Fed Lies
Brother's Keeper - Horizon

Don't really know much about this record, I saw it at a record store a few years ago and being from the 717 I had to get it. Everyone knows Brother's Keeper, but I haven't heard of the other bands. It's from 1995 and the bands definitely have that 90's hardcore sound. If anyone has any info let me know...

There's Something Rotten In Red Lion

V/A - There's Something Rotten In Red Lion
Side A
Scam - Drive Me To Drink
Hellcats - Bad Girl
Side B
Squire - I Hate You
Armed Citizens - No Point

Another Compilation 7", this time by Second Amendment Records, who I believe was the Armed Citizens label. Fast & punk.

Snacktime Records Comp

Snacktime Records presents... direction...
Side A
Step Ahead - Abandoned
Disciple - Eyewitness
Stretch Armstrong - Prevail
Side B
Rightstart - Fountain of Youth
24th Solution - No Concern

This is a great comp with some great PA hardcore bands, as well as Stretch Armstrong who played here a bunch. I'm sure Jason Swisher had something to do with putting this out. CHUB Crew.

Death By Nostalgia/Boxing Water split

Death By Nostalgia/Boxing Water - split
Side A
Death By Nostalgia - Silence, Sequel pt. II the Second Installment
Side B
Boxing Water - Wounds heal, scars remain, Slipping Away

Death By Nostalgia was from York, and the other stuff I've heard was a little different than this record. They have kind of a poppy melodic hardcore sound, this stuff is a little more straight forward though. Boxing Water was from Mass I think, and are even a little more poppy.

Strikeouts/Vapids split

Strikeouts/Vapids - split
Side A
Strikeouts - Moral of the Song, I Could Fly, Jessica, The Sun Still Shines
Side B
The Vapids - Cynical Solution, Human Target

Here is another split from Harrisburg's the Strikeouts. I think this may be after the Flophouse split, but I'm not really sure. The Vapids were from Canada and play a similar Screeching Weasel/Ramones influenced punk.

Buddhakat! Records

BDKT-001 Slacker/Caramel Sun - Split
Side A
Slacker - Instigator
Side B
Caramel Sun - I'm so glad Jerry's Dead!, My Girl

BDKT-002 Slacker - Scoop' in It
Side A
Side B
She Doesn't Know

BDKT-003 Knuckleheads - First Words
Side A
Courtney Love
Side B
I'm A Heather
Stupid Little Love Song

BDKT-004 24th Solution - s/t
Side A
By what right
Side B
My Truth
Cash In

BDKT-005 Side Affects - s/t
Side A
Truffle Shuffle
Swing Kids
Side B
10th Grade Teenage Crush

BDKT-006 Sprocket - Hide The Bodies
Side A
Change The Station
Hide The Bodies
Side B

Buddakat! Records was from New Holand, PA and I didn't realize all these were even on the same label until I looked at them recently. I definitely remember seeing all these bands but only remember the Buddhakat logo because it is on the back of a Sprocket shirt I have. Sprocket was always my favorite of the bunch and I believe I first saw them at Dillsburg Firehall. They were fast as hell and sang about killing people and riding bikes. Most of the other bands are your standard 90's pop punk except for 24th Solution, which I only ever saw once, when they did the reunion show at Berzerkers. RIP Joey Struggle, Lancaster XXX. Special thanks to Al & John for helping me get these up here!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


One of my early bands, Drastic Action.

TMI Generation, house show in Mechanicsburg.

TMI Generation, house show in Mechanicsburg.

The Unseen, Bair Station in York.

The first Those Who Remain show, Monroe Twp Building in Mechanicsburg.

The First Step, Monroe Twp Building in Mechanicsburg.

Strike Anywhere, Monroe Twp Building in Mechanicsburg.

No Redeeming Social Value, Yiproc in Lancaster.

The Boils, Yiproc in Lancaster.

Bigwig, Charm City Skatepark in Red Lion.

Comin' Correct, Yiproc in Lancaster.

Schoolyard Bully, Yiproc in Lancaster.

xStretchmarkx, The Why're in New Cumberland.

Some old photos I took (besides the TWR one of course) over the years. See bigger versions and others here.

MRR Scene Report

click for bigger version.

This is a "scene report" that I wrote for Maximum Rocknroll when The Champ first opened. I was surprised when they actually printed it.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Boils

The Boils - When The Sun Goes Down

This is one of the best hardcore punk eps ever! Seriously, this is an amazing record. Another Philly-esque band but they seemed to play York/Lancaster every other week. Coincidently, Warren Anderson ended up playing drums and Jeff from the Statiks took over on guitar.

For fans of Kill Your Idols, Violent Society, Blanks 77.

A Trunk Full Of Dead Bodies

A Trunk Full Of Dead Bodies - The Hard Part Wasn't Getting Over Her, The Hard Part Was Getting The Blood Stains Out Of My Clothes

"Trunks" was originally from outside Philly, but Tommy T. was in the Commercials for awhile and I believe Justin Manlove (Dollface, Allison Hill, Hiding Behind The Sun) was in the band for awhile too. Needless to say they played around here a bunch. A lot of this genre seems over the top with titles, especially for what the music is. Regardless, this stands out a bit and they were always fun to watch live.

For fans of Grade, Thursday.

Rockin' A Tard Place

V/A - Rockin' A Tard Place
Pop-Tard Records

This is another not so local comp, but it has some early Commercials tracks(when they sounded more like Screeching Weasel) and has one of my favorite bands from that time, Chooch. Seriously download this for the Chooch songs alone! I believe they played Classic Rags once and are most famous for the "purple" tape. Somehow I'll get that one up here at some point. Some other bands include Pollen, the Sarcastics, Dooplo, the nobodies, and more.

For fans of Descendents/ALL, Screeching Weasel, Lookout! Records.

More flyers.

When I first started this blog a couple years ago I uploaded a bunch of flyers to a photobucket site. (

I have since lost the password to that site but have uploaded a bunch more to this other one... (


Besides Records


This was THE record store in the area from 97-03. I bought many records there from the owner Brian's suggestions, and I can thank him for getting me into a lot of bands I still listen to today. I used to go to my friend Andy's house and we'd walk down to the store and just hang out all day. The store was definitely out of place in the small quaint town of Mechanicsburg, except on Jubilee Day when Brian would do a ton of business, and have Joe Menges working the cash register. When the store closed I bought a bunch of his inventory and record bins that ended up in the Champ record store.


Monday, March 8, 2010

if it's not punk, it's junk


This was a great comp put out by Tom from Bigwig. It didn't have all central PA bands so I won't post the whole track listing here. But it has some choice cuts from The Resurgents and Lost Cause, as well as some good ones from The Overdrives, Bigwig, and Digger who played here frequently.

For fans of 90's pop punk.

On Course

On Course - Demo & Split w/ Those Who Remain

Not technically a central PA band, they were from outside Philly. I met Gordo my freshman year of college and TWR ended up playing a bunch of shows with them and doing a split 7". Drew went on to play guitar in Let Down and Gypsy.

For fans of Tear It Up, Cut The Shit, SSD.


Poorboy - demos

This is the original 3 song demo from Poorboy. Daryl gave this to me when he asked me to play drums for them in like 1999. They went on with various lineups for the next few years, but I think this was their best stuff.

For fans of Rancid, Social Distortion.

fate ends now.

Fate Ends Now - no such things as a happy ending

I think a lot of people will agree this band was one of those "you had to be there" bands. Listening now doesn't really have the same effect as it did as seeing them at the First Cap skatepark. Members went on to xStretchmarkx, Those Who Remain, Comin' Correct, & Century.

For fans of Poison The Well, Refused, Hatebreed

From The Shadows

From The Shadows - Carlisle Straight Edge Redneck Hardcore

This is the demo of From the Shadows. Steve Fischer was in this band before Derringer, Van Damage, & Steel Nation. I remember seeing them at Monroe and they definitely did calisthenics to warm up before playing. Carlisle XXX.

For fans of Earth Crisis, Stretch Armstrong.

Out Here Alone Comp

V/A - Out Here Alone

This was a comp put together when the Out Here Alone site was first launched. Has bands from all over the area in a lot of different genres. The artwork is terrible, so are some of the bands. Definitely some gems in there too though.

The Infomercials - DAEDSIECNIV
Boywunder - Time is not absolute
Last Tuesday - Late night news
Espenshade - 5 & 6 Overhead
Six South - Impatience
Kavanah Star - Up in arms
Dutchland Diesel - Your Town
Via Satellite - Different but same, no different but different
Movies With Heroes - Someday
Derringer - There is a gate way to hell along the banks of the susquehana
Run Run - For stiches
Decontrol - Failed before we start
The Driver - Break me open
Stratford - Tonight
Vincent Price's Orphan Powered Death Machine - Hand me the keys
Nowhere Quick - I/You
Unight - Drugs Suck
Sptsnz - Adventures in androgymy
The Virus - Nowhere to hide
Thinking Machines - 100 Years of firsts
One Perfect Crime - I wanna sin
Clancy 6 - The surgical removal of limbs part 1
The Gunshy - Always right
Empty Promises - Missed chances for homicide
Best Kept Lie - My life your lie
Allison Hill - The death of you

strikeouts/flophouse split

Strikeouts/Flophouse - split

A split of two Harrisburg pop punk bands. Strikeouts are definitely the stand out band. I remember them playing at Colby's house one time during a serious skate session.

For fans of Screeching Weasel, Green Day.

out past county lines

Espenshade - s/t

Espenshade was an awesome indie rock band from the Harrisburg area. This was their first demo about 2002 I believe. They were the house band at The Why're then.

For fans of Braid, Mock Orange, Skiploader.

This time the fat fights back!

xStretchmarkx - Don't Judge The Pudge

The joke band of all joke bands. Take youth crew and fat kid jokes plus a little tough guy hardcore mentality and this is what you get. They used to do a Chain of Strength cover live and throw twinkies at everyone.

For fans of Gayrilla Biscuits, Good Clean Fun, One Life Crew.

SPTSNZ - my friends are going to destroy the world

Russian special purpose regiments or Spetsnaz, Specnaz (Russian: Войска специального назначения, (спецназ, pronounced [spʲɪtˈsnas]) tr: Voyska spetsialnogo naznacheniya; pronounced [ˈvojskə ˈspʲɛtsɨəlnəvə ˈnaznətɕɪnʲɪjə]) is a general term for "special forces" in Russian, literally "special purpose". These Russian special forces can specifically refer to any elite or special purpose units under subordination of the Federal Security Service (FSB) or Internal Troops of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the units controlled by the military intelligence service GRU.

They wore masks when they played. For fans of San Diego chaotic spazz punk.

Some more gems...

Resurgents - Self Titled 7 Inch

Awesome early 90's pop punk from Carlisle, PA - for fans of Lookout! Records.

Rightstart - random songs

Another awesome Carlisle band... 90's youth crew revival. For fans of Trial, Floorpunch, In My Eyes.

Schoolyard Bully - The Demo & Heart. Break. Curse. EP

This was Jason Swisher (the singer from Rightstart) next band. A little more modern sounding still awesome though. Guest vocals from Brother's Keeper and Stretch Armstrong.

Running From Dharma - If We Don't Speak LP, Acoustic Demo, Split w/ Hoping For The Better, and Newer Demos

This band was rad, they were together for like 10 years did a bunch of records, even toured w/ Shelter once. For fans of Hot Water Music, Samiam, etc.

Those Who Remain - XDEMOX & Split w/ On Course Who

This was a youth crew band I sang for in the early 2000's. Past & present members of Van Damage, Comin' Correct, Steel Nation, Mindset.

Decontrol - If The Price Is Right

PUNX. Old street punk band from York, PA. For fans of The Unseen, A Global Threat.

T.M.I. Generation - s/t

Another street punk band from central PA. Members went on to Decontrol & The Virus. Do an awesome Business cover. See a young MC on the right...