Sunday, February 10, 2013

Better Than A Thousand/Rain On The Parade - York 1/3/98

Found some videos from this show of Better Than A Thousand & Rain On The Parade from 1/3/98 at The Fenix Club in York. The Fenix(later named the Zodiac) had its share of great shows in the 90's including Misfits/Warzone/Murphy's Law etc. They used to have raves after the shows, and I distinctly remember the rave kids filtering in at the end of a show one time. The mix of punks, skinheads, and hardcore kids intermingling with the ridiculous looking rave kids with their pacifiers and glow sticks, I knew there were going to be some fights! The club got shut down shorty after due to some kind of drug scandal, which was definitely involving the raves and not the punk shows.

Some other flyers from the Fenix/Zodiac...

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