Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sunnybrook - 1996 Demo (pre x24th Solutionx)

Here we have another classic from Lancaster, the Sunnybrook 1996 demo. This features Todd "the Todd" Mogle and Joey Struggle pre-x24th Solutionx.

Thanks again to our friend Jeremy Farkas for putting this up and including...

I was lucky enough to see Sunnybrook play their first show at the Chameleon. They opened for Anthrophobia.
I don't know how many shows Sunnybrook played, so I'm lucky to have seen them at all. This demo was recorded Summer 1996, and then the 24th Solution 7" was recorded starting in April 1997. So it was a short-lived project, but a real solid one.

This only seems fitting as tomorrow marks the 7th year anniversary that we lost Joey. RIP.

UPDATE: From Todd, "Thanks for sharing this. The last song on this demo...music was used for an xstretchmarkx song... Not too many people are aware of that! ...btw the chameleon gig listed in the notes for the demo was not our first show. There were a handful of smaller shows played prior. Only two additional shows were played after that gig too... played chameleon again with Vision of Disorder & Today Is The Day... And a community center with Turmoil.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for keeping him and his music alive. This is/was a big part of Joe. I know I'll never forget him.