Saturday, March 13, 2010

Buddhakat! Records

BDKT-001 Slacker/Caramel Sun - Split
Side A
Slacker - Instigator
Side B
Caramel Sun - I'm so glad Jerry's Dead!, My Girl

BDKT-002 Slacker - Scoop' in It
Side A
Side B
She Doesn't Know

BDKT-003 Knuckleheads - First Words
Side A
Courtney Love
Side B
I'm A Heather
Stupid Little Love Song

BDKT-004 24th Solution - s/t
Side A
By what right
Side B
My Truth
Cash In

BDKT-005 Side Affects - s/t
Side A
Truffle Shuffle
Swing Kids
Side B
10th Grade Teenage Crush

BDKT-006 Sprocket - Hide The Bodies
Side A
Change The Station
Hide The Bodies
Side B

Buddakat! Records was from New Holand, PA and I didn't realize all these were even on the same label until I looked at them recently. I definitely remember seeing all these bands but only remember the Buddhakat logo because it is on the back of a Sprocket shirt I have. Sprocket was always my favorite of the bunch and I believe I first saw them at Dillsburg Firehall. They were fast as hell and sang about killing people and riding bikes. Most of the other bands are your standard 90's pop punk except for 24th Solution, which I only ever saw once, when they did the reunion show at Berzerkers. RIP Joey Struggle, Lancaster XXX. Special thanks to Al & John for helping me get these up here!

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Craig said...

The 24th solution record is great. I still miss Joey.