Monday, March 8, 2010

Some more gems...

Resurgents - Self Titled 7 Inch

Awesome early 90's pop punk from Carlisle, PA - for fans of Lookout! Records.

Rightstart - random songs

Another awesome Carlisle band... 90's youth crew revival. For fans of Trial, Floorpunch, In My Eyes.

Schoolyard Bully - The Demo & Heart. Break. Curse. EP

This was Jason Swisher (the singer from Rightstart) next band. A little more modern sounding still awesome though. Guest vocals from Brother's Keeper and Stretch Armstrong.

Running From Dharma - If We Don't Speak LP, Acoustic Demo, Split w/ Hoping For The Better, and Newer Demos

This band was rad, they were together for like 10 years did a bunch of records, even toured w/ Shelter once. For fans of Hot Water Music, Samiam, etc.

Those Who Remain - XDEMOX & Split w/ On Course Who

This was a youth crew band I sang for in the early 2000's. Past & present members of Van Damage, Comin' Correct, Steel Nation, Mindset.

Decontrol - If The Price Is Right

PUNX. Old street punk band from York, PA. For fans of The Unseen, A Global Threat.

T.M.I. Generation - s/t

Another street punk band from central PA. Members went on to Decontrol & The Virus. Do an awesome Business cover. See a young MC on the right...

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